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EAITSM Year-on-Year Performance Report 2021

EAITSM Year-on-Year Performance Report 2021


During the year 2021, majority of our activities were directed to community engagement. Membership, including individuals and companies, has increased by 1% over past year total, taking in consideration eliminated members that have not been reachable through their contacts in our records. Regarding visibility, the ratio has increased by 1% over last year measure, in terms of monthly website visits, blog visits, along with social media impressions and visits. The total number of professional events this year has increased significantly by 300%, supported by vendor events and media partnerships. Publications and publishing activities has increased by 94%, in terms of updated publications and new videos posted. Global extent has increased by 167%, with relevance to direct engagements with our website from different regions in the world during the year. Arabization and translation initiatives increased by 22%, including videos and posts in Arabic language. Level of professionals engagement has increased by 46%, thanks mainly to social media followership, in addition to participations in votings, direct contacts, and other interaction and communication channels. Level of corporate engagement has increased by 11% over past year as a result from corporate services. We look forward to further developments and growth, with your involvement and enrichment of our delivered value.

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