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Points Scheme:

Individual professional members of the Free-Tier need to acquire points in their balance in order to use the benefits of their membership.

The following table shows how to acquire points to be added to your balance:

Awarded Points
Each increase of rank (earning additional star) on members' forum. Your rank is increased as you post more in discussion topics.
Writing a Blog Post 100
Presenting a webinar / conference session 100
Authoring Book 200
Referral of a new individual member 50
Referral of a new company member 100


Earned points are used according to the following table:

Points Used
Watching recorded webinar accessible to members only. Points are deducted for each viewed video. You can keep watching the same video any number of times in the same session.
Purchasing book from our bookstore, each 25 points of your balance allows you to receive 10% discount on a single book purchase. Otherwise, you can still purchase without discount. 25
Access to Library members only section (doesn't consume points, but a minimum of 50 points have to exist in your balance) 50
Access to ITSM Tenders members only section (doesn't consume points, but a minimum of 50 points have to exist in your balance) 50
Discount on paid events (required balance is announced for each event) case by case
Eligibility to benefit from special offers to members (required balance is announced for each offer) case by case


The following terms apply to this scheme:

  • This scheme applies only on the free tier of individual membership, it doesn't apply on company members and their employees nor or paid tier individual members.
  • In order for activities to add points to your balance, you have to be first a registered member. Any activity done before registering for membership or before this system is put in place will not be accounted for in points balance.
  • Individual members who want to gain full access and permanent discount without restrictions on points balance can upgrade to paid membership tier.
  • If you have activities that you think you didn't receive points for, please contact us.
  • Newly registered members in the free tier will receive 50 points as startup package until they accumulate points.


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