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Training and Exam Providers
To what extent have you employed AI techniques in your business operations?
Most of business operations
Part of business operations
Just starting to employ AI
Still under consideration
We are not planning to employ AI
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1. Do you offer training courses? 
No, we don't offer training courses directly, but we offer listings of training and exam providers that you can contact for your training needs.

2. Do you provider consulting services?
We provide consulting services in the form of match-making tenders. If you need consulting services please send to us the service request form available at this page. If you are a consultant and want to benefit from this service, then you can join our membership to have access to available tenders.
In addition, we provide a free knowledge exchange service through the Ask an Expert facility. We also provide arbitration services.

3. I’m not happy to use or register through PayPal accounts for payments. Do you offer other payment channels?
We offer a variety of payment methods. For payments less than $50, the only available online payment by credit card is via PayPal, other options include transfer from your account at Payoneer, or direct deposit to bank account or payment in cash, or purchase at Amazon.
For payment of $50 or more, you can pay online by credit card via Payoneer without the need to create an account. So if you want to pay online using credit card and don't like to use PayPal then make sure your order total is $50 or more.

4. Do you ship books by post to all places?

Our publications are in digital format that are downloaded as PDF. There is no hard copies to ship except for ISO standards which are printed originals purchased on your behalf.

5. I'm wondering if I will register as a company, is the 2000 EGP fees to be paid once? or yearly/monthly? is there a renewal process for the membership?

Yes the membership fees is paid annually (2000 EGP for Egyptian companies). The process is that you simply fill in the application form on our website, then we will send to you an invoice, and upon payment you will receive account information and your logo will be posted on our website as a company member. The membership cycle starts from the date your account is activated. Every year you will receive a renewal invoice enough time before your membership expires.

6. When will I receive my membership card or certificate?

We don't currently issue membership cards or certificates for individual members, but we issue a membership badge for member companies for marking purposes. We may start issuing membership cards for individuals in the future.

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