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Sudanese SSIT:


Partnership Agreement





First Party: The Egyptian Association for ITSM (EAITSM)

Second Party: The Sudanese Society for Information Technology (SSIT)



The two parties have agreed on joint work for achieving each other objectives, and promote each other activities in the other's country.


The partnership emerges from realization of the importance of cooperation and alliance between the two parties' countries (Egypt and Sudan), aiming for this partnership to be a new pillar in our integration and fraternity building.


Since the objectives of the two parties are in the IT field, there is the paved basis to build a partnership relationship with meaning and purpose wider and more inclusive than the scope of each party individually.


The following are the terms of this partnership agreement:


1-      Mutual promotion through announcement of this partnership at the websites of both parties, as well as the banners of the events held by each party for its members.


2-      Cooperation in promoting standards in the IT field, particularly ISO20000 and ITIL. This is to be done through holding awareness sessions and workshops on these topics.


3-      Working on promoting awareness of ISO20000 RCB, in order to achieve self-sufficiency in the Arabic region, where there is none to fill this gap currently.


4-      The first party will provide the second party with original publications offered at its website for sale with 10% discount ratio, which is the discount ratio offered to members of the same type as the second party (NPOs).


5-      Cooperation in the Arabic translation field, where the second party will provide volunteers from its members or others, from Sudan and/or any other Arabic country, to contribute to translation efforts carried out by the first party, in order to guarantee that the translation team will include as diverse Arabic nationalities as possible. In addition, the first party commits on contributing to translation activities done by the second party if any; since translation of scientific content into Arabic language is a common objective for the two parties.


6-      This partnership extends to an open unlimited duration, as long as both parties still exist, unless one or both of the two parties desire to quit this partnership provided informing the other party a sufficient duration ahead.


7-      This agreement doesn't involve any financial exchange between the two parties in any means, and it's limited to exchange of services and activities only.


This agreement was approved by the two parties on Thursday, Jun. 18th, 2009. 



[Agreement ended in Dec. 2013]




Physical Meeting in Sudan – Meeting Minutes




Date & Time: Thursday, Aug. 27th, 2009, from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM Sudan time.


Location: SSIT Office, Al-Khartoum, Sudan.




-         Rania Al-Maghraby, EAITSM, Egypt

-         Isam Eldin Alamin, SSIT, Sudan

-         5 other SSIT management board members joined around 02:00 PM

 Sudan Map - Annotated



-         SSIT participation in first annual conference of EAITSM

-         Mutual signature of the partnership agreement

-         Sudanese IT market size and needs

-         Series of ITIL training courses throughout the Sudan

-         Adjourn and very quick walk around Al-Khartoum and watching the Nile forming branches meeting!


Action Items:


-         SSIT is to arrange for attending the first annual conference with free invitation on their expenses.

-         A series of ITIL training courses will be jointly arranged. SSIT will manage the organization and administration of these courses, including training locations, announcement and marketing, and any necessary logistics. EAITSM is responsible for providing the trainer(s) for the courses, and will bear the travel and accommodation expenses of the trainer(s). These will be paid courses with a minimum revenue to break even.

-         Selection of the Sudanese states in which these courses will be conducted. A preliminary list of states across the country have been suggested (as per the red circles in the attached map), while the final list will be decided based on the pilot course to be held in Al-Khartoum first.

-         The suggested time frame for conducting these courses will not be earlier than November 2009.





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