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ITSM Undergraduate Curriculum Development:

As has been announced before, and as posted at our website, we had formed an Academic Working Group of professors from a number of universities to work together in several activities related to academic development and research in the ITSM field.

This group is currently working on development of an undergraduate university course on ITSM which is intended to be accredited from academic authorities for approval and adoption, to be distributed afterwards to interested educational institutions under license of use.

We expect the result of this work, in the form of undergraduate ITSM curriculum and course material, to be of interest to a wide audience regionally, including not only governmental universities and academic authorities, but also private universities.

We thus call for sponsorship fund to cover the work expenses and compensation for participants in this group for their efforts in developing the prospected product. We expect sponsorship from private universities interested in obtaining this study course after development, or from industry community who may like to encourage academic development.

Provided that fund is available, we estimate a duration of 4 months of development work by the participating professors, with a total estimated budget of USD 9,000.


For interested prospected sponsors, please contact us to discuss and sign a sponsorship agreement.

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