Terms and Conditions


Internal Constitution


Section 1: Field of activity, and geographic extent


Term 1:

The firm is a fully owned affiliate of the OneWayForward Inc., which is located at the below address :

Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed City, 6th of October, Giza, Egypt

Established for operation for the duration: (Unlimited)


Term 2:

Field of Activity :

1-    Increase efficiency of ITSM all over the Arabic world.

2-  Communication and coordination with international organizations working in the ITSM field, to introduce the latest standards to the Arabic community in a proper way.


Term 3:

Activities : The firm achieves its objectives through the following activities:

1-     Offering membership schemes in difference categories.

2-     Organizing events including annual conferences, webinars, and other events.

3-     Offering facilities for consultation services.

4-     Publishing, selling, and distribution of publications and periodicals.

5-     Establishing an internet forum for members.

6-     Coordination between companies and other entities working in the ITSM field.

7-     Development and promotion of ITSM standards.

8-     Translation of ITSM references.


Term 4:

The geographic extent: The whole Arab world countries.


Term 5:

The firm will not practice any of the activities prohibited by the Egyptian law.



Section 2: Financial Issues


Term 6: Sources of income and uses of them:

Sources of income of the firm:

1-     Membership Fees.

2-     Donations, Gifts, Sponsorship, … etc.

3-     Advertisements and subscription fees for various sections on the website that require subscription.

4-     The profit from fairs, exhibitions, competitions, events … etc.

5-     The ROI from other productive projects.


Term 7:

1-     The firm fund expenditures are restricted for the purposes of achieving its objectives only.

2-     The firm has the right to own real estates in the way that allows it to achieve its objectives.

3-     The firm has the right to invest its extra income in near guaranteed profit areas, to secure a source of income, or it can use this income in other productive projects.



Section 3: Membership


Term 8:

The firm member has to:

1-     Be of good reputation

2-   Apply for membership, with relevant fees if any, specifying all his details. Membership is activated only after management approval.

3-     Haven’t been separated before from membership for any reason other than membership fees payment delay.


Term 9:

The annual membership fees is as announced on the website at anytime.



Section 4: Privacy


Term 10:

The firm presents various input forms on the website, including mailing list subscription form, contact form, member registration form, and specialized registration forms for events and other facilities. The firm confirms protection of privacy of all information received from all parties through any contact method, and no personal or business information is shared with any other parties outside the scope of the firm. Please note that we collect IP address through all of the website forms for security reasons.