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Translator Hub:

We have built a translation service around the Azure based Microsoft Custom Translator, with our own workspace and translation system which has been trained to auto-translate based on the terminologies of our ITSM Unified Glossary.





The translation service we provide works as follows:

  • The translation system is a machine learning system that has been trained to translate documents from English to Arabic and vice versa based on the statement sets included in our ITSM Unified Glossary of terms.
  • The customer provides us with the documents to be translated in the ITSM field, in either language, so that we generate the translation of these documents in a very fast delivery time using our machine-learning translation system
  • We validate and review the final output of translation before delivery to the customer
  • The system allows involving the customer as a reviewer in the validation process for verification before acceptance of the end result


Advantages of this service include:

  • Quick operation using a cognitively smart trained translation system compliant with our terminology
  • Involvement of as many parties as needed in the translation validation process via the system
  • Continual improvement by repetitive training of the system with new projects
  • Cheap cost compared to 100% human translation, with the standard cost rate of $500 per 1,000,000 characters


To request this service, please contact us.

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