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English Authored Books:

In reponse to interest in the community, and in order not to lose the opportunity of publishing have value content, we are accepting to publish books proposed to us in English language from the global community of ITSM professionals. The following terms apply:

  • Books proposed in English will be published in English only. If there is an interest in translating into Arabic this will be under a separate agreement.
  • Authors must be experienced and well informed in the subject area for which they are proposing books
  • Books will be published under the EAITSM Inc. name, and the author name, photo, and biography will be included inside the book. Your book will be assigned a unique barcode identifier
  • Books will be distributed through various channels, including our online bookstore, and Amazon store
  • Books will published in digital format only, under digital rights management system, and no hard copies will be distributed
  • Sales will be 70% for the author, after deducting publishing and sales related costs. The EAITSM will share 30% of sales with the authors. Sales reports are shared with authors bi-annually, on Jan. 1st and Jul. 1st, at which time authors may claim any available balance.
  • Books will be offered at very affordable prices for the regional community, around the range of $5 per copy
  • Book size should not be less than 100 pages, pocket size (21.6 x 14 cm)
  • Authors will retain the copyright of the published book, but doesn't own the right to distribute the book on their own, nor to withdraw the publishing right from the EAITSM Inc. at any moment in the future

In order to propose your books please contact us.


Sponsorship Opportunity:

We are open to sponsors who want to sponsor this initiative. The following terms apply:

  • Sponsors may choose to sponsor this initiative in general, by providing fund to be used towards publishing and distribution expenses. In this case:
    • Sponsor's logo will be placed on this page permanently, linked to their website
    • Sponsor's logo will be placed inside all books published with fund provided from this sponsor
    • Sponsor may provide fund once, or repeatedly as they are willing to do
    • Minimum sponsorship amount is $500
  • Sponsors may choose to sponsor a specific author's work (e.g. author's employer sponsoring the author's book). In this case:
    • Sponsor's logo will be placed inside the book(s) they choose to sponsor only
    • Minimum sponsorship amount per book is $150

Interested sponsors please contact us.

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