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Partnership Agreement





First Party: The Egyptian Association for IT Service Management (EAITSM)


Second Party: Hero – The Microsoft Egypt IT Pro Community



The two parties have agreed to hold a partnership agreement to govern their cooperation in developing and serving the Egyptian IT Community with the following terms of agreement:



1-     The two parties have a joint mission in developing the IT Community in Egypt, and encouraging exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices between the community members; and as such have agreed to enter this partnership agreement in order to achieve this mission.



2-     The two parties will post the logo and website address of each other at their websites.



3-     The two parties have agreed to exchange awareness sessions introduced to the general IT Community, within several events organized by each party. These sessions will be held on a non-regular basis, and introduction of a certain session by one of the two parties is restricted by the acceptance and arrangement with the other party.



4-     The two parties will announce the existence of the each other among their membership and will promote the other’s activities.



5-     This agreement is effective starting from Monday, May 18th, 2009, and is open ended unless one or both of the two parties wanted to quit it.



6-     There is no financial binding for either of the two parties through this agreement in any way.




[Agreement ended in Dec. 2013]

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