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Arbitration Services:

We listened to community requests and we are offering arbitration services to professional individuals and companies in case of disputes in contractual/business deals in relevant projects. Features of this service include:

  • Arbitration ServicesArbitration coordination by certified arbitrators who are also qualified professionals in the IT and management areas
  • An arbitral tribunal is formed from experts in the area of dispute, selected and appointed by our administration in order to ensure impartiality towards the parties of the dispute
  • All documents related to the disputed relationship are reviewed, and related parties and witnesses/stakeholders are interviewed for evidence collection
  • The arbitral tribunal meets to make the final judgment, which will be final unless new evidence is provided by the convicted party. A formal arbitration report will be issued to parties of the dispute.
  • Fees of the service are determined on a case by case basis, and are invoiced to the party requesting arbitration, or divided between the two or more parties if there is consensus on use of arbitration, receivable in advance
  • Terms of service preserve privacy, non-disclosure, and impartiality in an ethical and professional conduct by all parties involved in the arbitration process
  • This is not a legal service and is not intended to be replacement of litigation in courts if any of the dispute parties so wishes. Our service is technical arbitration based on expert knowledge and judgment, and final disposition is not legally obligatory


ADR-HUBOur arbitration services are mainly in the form of amicable dispute resolution (mediation services). These services are delivered by our partner ADR-HUB, and are based on the Mediation Rules from the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA).


For more information, and to request arbitration service, please contact us.

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