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Monthly Competition - Final

By answering the questions of last month's edition of the monthly competition, we earned the final PINK gadget and moved the die directly to the center of the board. By that, we have reached the end of this game and this round of the monthly competition. The current state of the board is as shown below.



Last month's model answers:

  1. Should all services be installed and offered as high availability? No, it would be too expensive
  2. What concept is about measuring the business criticality of an Incident? Impact
  3. What does the acronym RFC stand for? Request for Change
  4. Does Change Management allow more changes to be handled? Yes
  5. What should Capacity Management cover: technology or business requirements? Both
  6. Can security constraints come from the external environment of an organization? Yes, e.g. legislation


Congratulations to everybody who has been a winner during this round, and we look forward to future rounds of the monthly competition.

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