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[Effective Immediately & Retrospectively] Events Attendance Blacklisting

We are always welcoming attendees to all kinds of events we organize, and while we are committed to ensuring maximization of the value they received from joining our events, we also want to make sure events attendance is under control. Our experience shows that some attendees register to events and eventually don't show up at the event time without giving prior notice. This ends up causing harmful impacts on our plans and events sometimes end with negative balance.

To limit the risks of such behavior, we are maintaining a record of attendance history so that we can underscore any repetitive no-shows without notice, and the concerned person will be regarded as high risk attendee and placed on a blacklist. Attendees who are placed on blacklist will still be able to join our events but with special contingency rules to manage risks coming from their repetitive absence.


The following table summarizes the rules applied for events attendance blacklisting:

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