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RFP - Web Development Services

This is an RFP for providing web development services to our website. The requested services are the following:  
  1. Database Consolidation (deadline: Apr. 30th, 2013): The website backend is currently designed as multiple databases. It's required to consolidate the tables of these databases into a single database to be eligible for a lower hosting package. This includes any necessary changes to the website code with preserving the database contents and integrity.
  2. Home Page Redesign (deadline: May 31st, 2013): We want to redesign the home page of the website so that it includes more adv. areas in an elegant design while maintaining the structure and functionality.
  3. New Functionality Development (deadline: May 31st, 2013): A new section is required to be developed as per a requirements specification document that will be provided to the successful bidder. The estimated effort for this work is around 10 man days.


Terms and Conditions:
  1. A non-disclosure agreement will be signed with the successful bidder to protect the data confidentiality.
  2. Freelance services are accepted, provided being Arabic speaker based in Egypt, with competence in PHP and MySQL.
  3. No attribution will be posted at our website for the development agency that performed the work, but the provider may list us among their customers list if they so wish.
  4. Proposals are to be sent to: info@eaitsm.org. Selection will be mainly based on lowest cost proposal with technical viability. All financial proposals must be in Egyptian Pound.
  5. Work is planned to start by Apr. 20th, 2013 at maximum.

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