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Call for Applied Case Studies


From our interactions with the community in several events and occasions, we got informed of some trials and experiences applied by members of the community who have tried to use our produced resources and services like books and translated materials.

We would like to transform these verbal communications into documented case studies so that they can be shared with the bigger community to benefit from it and build upon it.
If you have used any of the products and services provided through us in real life applied experiences, we would like to invite you to document your experience in as many or few pages as you can, and in whatever format you see convenient, and then submit to us so that we feature and highlight your contributions and spread among the community.
Please send such documented case studies to: publications@eaitsm.org. Please make sure that your submission doesn't include any confidential information, and doesn't include explicit references to other parties except with permission from such parties.
There is no deadline for submission, or limit on the number of case studies you may submit.
Best wished for the new Hijri year
New Hijri Year

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