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Webinar on ASL and BiSL

Event Title: Webinar titled "Become a valuable T-shaped professional with ASL & BiSL" (English)

Organizer: EAITSM

Location: Online Webinar

Time: Saturday, Jun. 1st, 2013, 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM local time (GMT+2)

Attendees: IT Community Members in Egypt and outside


Mark Smalley, IT Paradigmologist at the ASL BiSL Foundation.
Bio: Mark Smalley is a self-employed IT Management Consultant, based in the Netherlands, specialized in ASL®, BiSL®, Application Management and Business Information Management. He is Ambassador-in-chief at the not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation and works for the APM Group as an ASL & BiSL contractor. He is also known as the IT Paradigmologist and has reached out to thousands of IT professionals at more than 50 events on 4 continents. Further details and publications at
Smalley.IT. Follow and engage with Mark on Twitter @marksmalley or email: mark@smalley.it. Photo here.


Our ITSM world is changing. External service providers are encroaching into our traditional space with offerings such as SaaS. Increasingly IT-savvy business people are pressing us to respond to higher expectations but are also bypassing us and dealing directly with external service providers. We need new skills to survive this disruption. And more understanding of the fields outside our area of expertise. In-depth knowledge of IT service management is not enough, we need to become 'T-shaped', with broad knowledge of other disciplines. Knowledge of the ASL & BiSL frameworks will make you more T-shaped. The Application Services Library (ASL) gives you insight into the world of application management and maintenance, while the Business Information Services Library (BiSL) helps you understand the business responsibilities with respect to demand and use of information and related technology. By following this webinar you will get an overview of these frameworks, that are recognized as ITIL complimentary qualifications, and are supported by APMG certification. You will understand the relationship with other frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT. And you will recognize the value of becoming a T-shaped professional.

Registration: Registration is open for free to the public. Please use the form below to register to attend this webinar. (Registration has been closed)




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