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Arabic Authored Books: Instructional Design: Skills and Applications for Practitioners

Instructional Design: Skills and Applications for PractitionersTitle: Instructional Design: Skills and Applications for Practitioners

Abrstract: Human being is distinguished from other creatures for his ability to learn and adapt, and that is reflected in the form of a permanent change in individual behavior observed directly or indirectly by others. So, since long time ago, he is interested in the development and the invention of learning utilities trying hard to continuously develop in order to reach better learning outcomes. The last of these tools is the Internet and its multimedia applications. Thus, the design of teaching process aims at verifying that learning is not happening by chance, but it is built in accordance with specific in advance learning outcomes, according to learners’ needs and circumstances. Thus, the responsibility of the instructional designers is to create virtual learning experiences that ensure the achievement of the learning objectives of teaching. Hence, this content provides ways and techniques to design and construct the learning tutorials to make learning consistent with the psychological and behavioral and cognitive theories, in addition to being consistent with the learner mental characteristics; provided that the scientific learning material cumulatively convoy with the degree of learners’ maturity (Constructivism), and constant interaction (Socialism), and permanent mental activity (Cognitive Theories) and associated with his desires and motives. Because teaching methods are varied, the design models are also different; but all are subjected to five specific steps in order; analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation, involved in the so-called ADDIE model. The educational designer role is to merge the educational side with the electronic one to help in achieving the targeted learning process.


Dr. Yousreya Ahmed Ali Alhamshary


Author Bio: Dr. Yousreya Ahmed Ali Alhamshary, lecturer of TEFL and applied linguistics – Faculty of Education- Damanhour University. Board member at e-learning center, executive manager of e-course content development center and the IT unit. She taught EFL for 14 years. She studied instructional design in the AUC - Cairo and Singor University – Alexandria. She has a lot of courses in Egyptian educational standards (13 courses in External Auditing) in addition to TOT and preparation of educational training packages from NAQAAE (National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education).


This book is published in Feb. 2016. The book can be ordered at our bookstore. Download a sample of the book.


Book is referenced in the following publications:

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