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Our Translation Projects: ITSM Fiction Book Series
Progressing with our endeavors in availing professional Arabic content to the regional IT community, we have licensed new items for translation into Arabic.
We selected a series of four ITSM Fiction books, that use story telling as a means of conveying ITIL practices and concepts in real application to readers. We believe this kind of books are more suitable for the general IT audience, and we expect them to receive good acceptance.
The original price of the English edition of each of these books is £29.95. We are offering the Arabic edition for only £10 per book. The Arabic books are offered in digital format for ease of distribution, and are not offered in print format.



The following are the titles included in the series:
Features & Benefits:
  • Price of the Arabic books is 1/3 of the price of the original English edition (10 sterling pounds per book instead of 30 pounds)
  • The books are provided as PDF softcopy, under digital rights protection, downloadable from within Adobe Digital Editions
  • Read the books on any device, up to 6 different devices, for the same user AdobeID. Compatible with all types of digital devices
  • Enhance your practitioner skills
  • Use the stories as giveaways for your trainees
  • Give them as gifts to your customers
How to read the books:
  • Create an Adobe ID through Adobe website (if you don't have one already)
  • Download and install Adobe Digital Editions application from Adobe website (if not installed already)
  • Download the book using the link sent to you from us
  • Open the downloaded file using Adobe Digital Editions, and your book will start downloading
  • Now the book is ready for you to read from within the Adobe Digital Editions application, and you can share the book on a maximum of 6 different devices authorized by the same Adobe ID


The full set of translated books are published in Feb. 2015, and available for purchase through our bookstore


What our readers say:

  • For the first book I purchased, it was very nice. That is why I am currently buying the other books. - IT professor, Al-Azhar University, Egypt.
  • The books are so nice, and they are translated very professionally. - IT Services Manager, banking sector, Egypt.
  • It's the first time for me to know about your organization, and actually the translated books and contents are marvelous. I like to deal with you because your publications include valuable and wonderful books. - IT Professional, Iraq.


If you purchased these books from us we would like to hear your feedback, contact us and let us know.


Other reviews on Amazon:

  • Quick, easy to read, read in about 2 hours. Make you think about your experiences, pickup if your org needs real insight on how to approach ITIL, in small defined bites.

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