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Annual Conference Proceedings CD:


In order to spread knowledge and stimulate more intellectual production from our community, we make available all of the papers and presentations that were published within our annual conferences. In addition, starting from the 2016 edition, the proceedings CD includes video recordings of all sessions presented during our annual conferences.

These materials are provided in any of the following forms:

  • As a CD package, that can be posted to your address, or collected in person from us.
  • Alternatively, the CD contents can be accessed online via an annual subscription, which is renewed by beginning of October every year regardless of the subscription start date.

The current distribution of the Annual Conference Proceedings CD includes materials of the thirteen conferences held until now from 2009 to 2021. To get the Annual Conference Proceedings CD 2021 Edition, order online at our bookstore.

New distributions with updated content will be made available as future conferences are held. 


The CD contents are organized in an easy to navigate HTML format for your convenience.





View Demo of the CD Contents


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