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Our Translation Projects: CMMI-SVC Arabic Translation
The Arabic version of the CMMI-SVC v1.3 is available since November 2012. The model can be downloaded for free at the SEI Library, and available at the CMMI Institute website at this page.
The Arabic translation project of CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) v1.3 was coordinated through the Egyptian Association for IT Service Management (EAITSM), Egypt.

The project was managed by Ms. Rania Al-Maghraby, project management consultant, OneWayForward Inc., Egypt.
Translation activities were conducted by the project team consisting of:
    • Ms. Samar El-Shazly, QA Section Head, TE Data, Egypt
    • Ms. Heba Aahed Mushtaha, Process Improvement Team Leader / Products Business Development Team Leader, Esri Northeast Africa (Esri NeA), Egypt / Jordan / Palestine
    • Ms. Noha Mohamed Sobh, Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, OMS (Online Modern Solutions), Egypt
    • Mr. Samer Mohamed ElNajjar, System Analyst, Vodafone Egypt, Egypt / KSA
who also performed the review and verification activities on each other's work.
 CMMI-SVC Arabic Translation Team Photo
(left to right: Heba, Noha, Samar, Samer)

The translation project was sponsored by Dr. Abdulaziz Ebrahim Al-Terki, an Assistant General Manager at the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), from Kuwait, who provided fund to the project at his personal expenses, in addition to participating in the project by performing the quality review activities.  

We encourage you to put this model in use for your CMMI-SVC implementation and appraisal needs.  
We also encourage you to raise any issues you may find with the translated document. If you found any errors or you have any remarks or enhancement recommendations, please submit it using the change request form prepared by the CMMI Institute for this purpose, and available at the CMMI Institute website at this page.

While we thank Dr. Abdulaziz for taking this initiative genuinely at his own will, we hope other business people around the Arab world will take similar steps in supporting the national enabling activities everywhere, and in bearing their social responsibilities and duties.

For any inquiries related to this project or to our translation activities, please contact us.

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