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ISO 25051:2006 - Software Engineering - Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) - Requirements for quality of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software product and instructions for testing (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 15408-2:2008 - Information technology - Security techniques - Evaluation criteria for IT security - Security functional components (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 15408-3:2008 - Information technology - Security techniques - Evaluation criteria for IT security - Security assurance components (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 24754:2008 - Information technology - Document description and processing languages - Minimum requirements for specifying document rendering systems (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 29794-1:2009 - Information technology - Biometric sample quality - Framework (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 29109-1:2009 - Information technology - Conformance testing methodology for biometric data interchange formats defined in ISO/IEC 19794 - Generalized conformance testing methodology (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 21500:2012 - Guidance on Project Management (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
ISO 10006:2003 - Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects (hard copy, English) - ISO 150  USD
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General Notes:

  • For our publications, you can order here, or you may order at our Amazon Bookstore (membership discount doesn't apply).
  • For ISO Standards, prices include shipping costs around the region only.
  • For Gift Cards:
    • Gift Cards can be used for purchasing on this bookstore on our website only, not through any other distribution channel.
    • Membership discount can be applied for purchasing Gift Cards, but doesn't apply when redeeming them.
    • Gift Cards can't be used for purchasing other Gift Cards.
    • Gift Cards can't be exchanged with cash of their value.
    • If an order is made with the total amount less than the total amount of the Gift Card, the remaining amount will be still usable in the same card.
    • Gift Cards are valid without any blackout date.

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  • Download the book using the link sent to you from us
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  • Now the book is ready for you to read from within the Adobe Digital Editions application, and you can share the book on a maximum of 6 different devices authorized by the same Adobe ID

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