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General Notes:

  • The price of our publications is based on 3 months subscription, except for the annual conference proceedings CD items. For permanent acquisition, publications can be purchased from any of the other distribution channels listed below.
  • We deliver books as shared documents through Google Drive. For digital rights management, they don't allow printing, download, or sharing with other accounts. This gives you the ability to access your books from any device at any time through your Google account.
  • For our publications, you can order here, or you may order at our Amazon Bookstore (membership discount doesn't apply).
  • For ISO Standards, prices include shipping costs around the region only.
  • For Gift Cards:
    • Gift Cards can be used for purchasing on this bookstore on our website only, not through any other distribution channel.
    • Membership discount can be applied for purchasing Gift Cards, but doesn't apply when redeeming them.
    • Gift Cards can't be used for purchasing other Gift Cards.
    • Gift Cards can't be exchanged with cash of their value.
    • If an order is made with the total amount less than the total amount of the Gift Card, the remaining amount will be still usable in the same card.
    • Gift Cards are valid without any blackout date.

Alternatively, you can order directly through any/all of the following digital book distributors (membership discount doesn't apply):

Book Title  google_play app_store 
Volume 1: The Iron Triangle (Arabic Translation) dowload-icon  apple_download 
Volume 2: Catalogs, Services, and Portfolios (Arabic Translation) dowload-icon  apple_download 
Volume 3: Integrated Measurement - KPIs and Metrics for ITSM (Arabic Translation) dowload-icon  apple_download 
Volume 4: Availability and Capacity Management in the Cloud (Arabic Translation)  dowload-icon  apple_download 
ITSM Unified Glossary of Terms, English - Arabic dowload-icon  apple_download 
Instructional Design: Skills and Applications for Practitioners (Arabic) dowload-icon  --- 
ITIL Adoption Step by Step (Arabic) dowload-icon  apple_download 
IT Projects and IT Operations go Hand in Hand dowload-icon  apple_download 

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