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فعالية تكنولوجيا المستقبل - تمكين رؤية عمان 2040


Future Tech Event - Enabling Oman's Vision 2040

  عنوان الحدث: فعالية تكنولوجيا المستقبل - تمكين رؤية عمان 2040

الجهة المنظمة: وورلد بايبر سوميتس World Paper Summits

 المكان: مركز المؤتمرات والمعارض بعمان

الزمان: 28 - 29 مارس 2022

 الحضور: محترفو تكنولوجيا المعلومات حول المنطقة والعالم


Future Tech is Sultanate of Oman’s foremost B2B and B2G bespoke Technology Event. It is a definitive meeting place facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue with power packed networking opportunities among C-Level executives, leading industry experts, decision makers, policy makers and government officials from across the value chain to foster collaboration, discuss current challenges, business opportunities, develop market strategies, share knowledge and identify solutions shaping the future of technology. 

The Event is Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, Sultanate of Oman.

The Summit will feature an expansive line-up of stellar speakers, case studies, panel discussions, unique presentations providing access to a wealth of industry leading knowledge, sharing best practices and experiences, spotlighting trends, information exchange, insights and outlooks with actionable takeaways. 

The Event will feature a comprehensive B2B Expo showcasing an array of avant-garde solutions, specific, transverse, latest technologies, cutting edge innovation, unique launches, cost-effective products, services and solutions that are customized to adapt to the given demands across all sectors. 

Executive Meet of 250+ carefully selected senior leaders and decision makers (C Level and CISOs) responsible or influencing IT and Technology strategy at their organizations, are invited. At Future Tech Event, meet the people who matter, with over 1000 industry experts, decision makers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, academia and more, in attendance. 

We have diverse and cost- effective packages to ensure your participation with assured ROI, including speaking slots and exhibition booths to create a strong impact and presence at the Event. We also offer customized packages best suited to your organization’s requirements and budget.      

A special dedicated showcase of Fintech Technology will feature at the event.  


Please check the website for more information https://www.futuretechevent.com/




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