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It had been the largest upward contributor in the division since Julywhen the contributions from this class and electricity, gas and other fuels were at similar levels.

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We would cxv to use cookies to collect information about how you use ons. This change will come into force in October Net income is defined here as the total income received including housing benefit payments by the household excluding taxes such as income tax and council tax.

The SHCS uses four categories to measure disrepair any or basic, extensive, urgent and critical element for a range of building elements.

When considering absolute changes in rentw by tenure it is important to note that the total number of households in the UK has increased by 1.

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Consumer price inflation basket of goods and services: Article Released 15 March The review process for the items making up the inflation basket used to calculate the UK consumer price inflation indices and the changes in the latest year. This is the latest release.

Index of Private Housing Rental Prices, Great Britain: January 2017

The growth rate for London 2. This involves working with industry and consumers to get the detail of legislation right and a working group will shortly be set up to help do this.

These compare against monthly price falls last year of 2. View previous releases. When we change over to the new format, there will be a period where we will publish the tables in both the new and the current formats, along with a mapper to help users to find the information they require in the new format tables. On a monthly basis, CPIH rose by 0.

If the fields of data in your CSV file contain commas, you can protect them by enclosing those data fields in double quotes ". All 3 organisations deploy rental officers to collect the price paid for privately rented properties. The HRP is defined as the owner or rent payer of the property, or highest earner where ownership or tenancy is joint.

Download as PDF. To assist users, a cross-government housings statistics group was formed to help improve the coherence and accessibility of statistics in this area, recently publishing a guide to UK housing and planning statistics XLSX, Scotland Private sector rents statistics published by the Scottish Government.

Likewise, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive published the updated Northern Ireland House Condition Ccsv report in Mayfor the reference year having previously produced estimates for Collectives on Stack Overflow.

This was followed by the East of England 3. It then rose again to 0. This is the latest release. These rrenta were partially offset by negligible downward contributions to change elsewhere. Consulte sus datos fiscales. It covers the standards of practice for those carrying out letting agency work, the handling of tenants and landlords money, and the professional indemnity arrangements to be kept in place.

Rentx private rented sector: Brings together existing UK data ccsv on the private rented sector PRS to assess comparability, coherence and data limitations. Set cookie preferences. It is a risk assessment process which involves a local authority assessing 29 categories of potential housing hazards in a dwelling, such as damp, excess cold and electrical faults. While the exact timings and content for the event are to be agreed, the event will include presentations on this article and other recently published official statistics which relate to housing.

The UK House Price Index publishes average house prices and associated growth rate statistics to the denta of region and local authority. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Previously, in September, OOH was the largest contributor.

Copia Renta. The MHCLG have consulted on the effectiveness of existing regulation in the sector on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It will provide a continuous and robust anonymised evidence base, where possible at the individual property level.

CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. Back to table of contents. This sets out the standards expected of letting agents operating in Scotland in how they manage their business and provide their services. Data from the Family Resources Survey is used for comparisons across countries. According to the Performance of the Private Rental Market (PPRM) report (PDF, KB), average monthly rent across NI was £ in reta half. "Servicio Renta WEB" Además, es posible acceder al expediente de Renta desde el trámite "Servicio de tramitación borrador declaración (Renta WEB)" y mediante las mismas formas de acceso: certificado electrónico o DNIe, Cl ve PIN o la referencia del expediente de Renta En este caso, para acceder a la copia de la declaración, selecciona el enlace "Grabación csg la declaración.

Obtención del número de referencia Suscripción a la APP "Agencia Tributaria". Consulta de datos fiscales Inicio de la presentación de declaraciones de Renta y Patrimonio por Internet Inicio solicitud de cita previa para atención telefónica Plan "Le LLamamos" Inicio atención telefónica confección de declaraciones Plan "Le.